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Accommodation during a stay in Italy with Italian in Italy can be quite varied: we offer horne stays in carefidly selected Italian families, accomodation with other students in shared apartments, separate apartments for you and your friend(s), family, hotel and agritouism accommodation.

Staying in a family can be very useful to learn a language- beside the lessons - about Italian lifestyle. Italian family life is very active and involving, and you can be sure you’ll be well looked after; but a family is not a hotel, you will have to learn and observe a few simple rules in order to share the same roof in the most pleasant way. The family will cook for you, so you’il have a hands’ on experience of the world’s arguably best cuisine in a really original way; dinner time is usually at about eight p.m..


 Sharing an apartment with other students  may be very exciting, too, a way of experiencing an international atmosphere in an authentic and original Italian environment

You will make a lot of new co ntact s , communicate and be quite free to enjoy every aspect of Italian life in and out of the house.

A separate apartment offers the same privacy of an Italian citizen to any language student of Italian in Italy. You will uve with Italian neighbours in Italian houses well equipped with anything you need for living Italian style.

Staying in a Hotel may be a solution for those who stay for a short time or change places frequently. Italian in Italy offers you the possibility to attend your course in different cities always studying with the same method.

However, a lot of Italian Hotels   are run by Italian families and offer you a cosy atmosphere anyway

You will have a kitchen at your disposal and you’ll be able to create Italian and international dishes on your own or with your friends.

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